XS2ANIMATION - Make Animation Accessible

Ongoing research project by Enrico Bisenzi and Alessandro Carducci on the need to identify stylistic examples of digital animation as accessible as possible in relation to a large number of people including blind and partially sighted people and color blind, epileptic, deaf, dyslexic and cognitive disabled.
Enrico Bisenzi

Teacher of Graphic Design in the Academies of Fine Arts, at the beginning of his working and professional activity he focuses on organizing and indexing documents electronics collaborating until the 90s with the CNR of Florence.

Well soon his attention shifts to digital communication and then on the expressive possibilities by collaborating with many private companies (among the first Feltrinelli) and research institutions (Indire and University).

Accessibility and usability of information, digital interfaces and related user experiences are the focus of his approach professional working on projects such as winter olympics, companies insurance companies, hospitals and municipalities.
Alessandro Carducci

Author, Cartoonist, Animator and Video Creator

He graduated in New Technologies of Art at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo and specialized in Net Art and Digital Cultures at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (MS). He also specialized with a Master in Filmmaking, videomaking and VFX.

Since 2014 he is a partner of Channel Frederator Network and creates animation and video content for the Web. He has also worked as a Video Producer, Animator and Graphic Designer at some private companies. He is the author of projects currently in Work in Progress such as Cardeis Cartoons and Water Project.

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